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#Heat guard Dwyane Wade opens up about #LeBron James and the struggling #Cavaliers

Dwyane Wade has played in every game this season and he'll be in the starting lineup on Sunday night here in Dallas. He's feeling good, his body has responded well to the beginning of the season and his team has a better record than his good buddy LeBron James up in Cleveland.

In other words, it's a good time to weigh in on the NBA's biggest story to start the season, the early struggles of those very same Cavaliers and LeBron's role on the team. Any advice Wade would give LeBron at this point in the season?

“He has all the tools he needs,” Wade said. “We’ve been through it together where we ran into struggles as a team. You’re going to do that in the season whether it’s in the beginning of the season, or sometimes in the middle or sometimes at the end. He’s a four-time MVP. He’s a two-time champion. I’m sure he’ll figure it out as a leader."

The Heat is 4-2 entering Sunday's game against the Mavericks and the Cavaliers are 2-3 with a home game against the New Orleans Pelicans on Monday night. In a sense, both the Heat and Cavaliers are starting from scratch this season, so the situations are similar just with far less media pressure in Miami.

"We’re six games in for some teams and less for others, so it’s so premature to be worrying about guys struggling or guys playing well," Wade said. "We’re yet to see how it’s really going to shake out.”




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