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About last night ...


Poor defense has plagued the Heat during its two-game losing skid. The Pacers out-rebounded the Heat 53-28 on Wednesday on and Friday the Heat's defense allowed the Hawks to shoot 56 percent from the field.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra...

ON THE LOSS: "There were a handful of times when we were able to impose our will. It takes a tremendous amount of effort, multiple efforts and activity to be able to defend offensive teams like this. We certainly felt with Dwyane [Wade] out that we scored enough to give ourselves a chance to win, but we never got to the defensive disposition and mind-set that you need to win against a team like this in their building."

ON CHRIS ANDERSEN'S LIMITED MINUTES: "I actually had the intension to play him in the first half, but I went with [Udonis Haslem]. It looked a little bit out there, but Bird will be out there Sunday." 

WHY DID JAMES ENNIS START: "To keep Mario [Chalmers] in the second unit, and to stabilize that unit. Instead, he played 40 minutes."

Chris Bosh ...

ON THE POOR FIRST QUARTER: "We're not getting off to good starts defensively, whether it's the coverages or the man-to-man defenses, they're blowing by us, we're not helping each other or we have no weak-side defense. It just wasn't there for the last two games."

"Eventually we're going to have to turn the corner. This is our ninth game, and we have to start showing ourselves that we know what we're doing out there."

ON THE GAME: "How many points did we score? [103] That's enough points to win, and I feel strongly about that. That's enough points to win, and we have to play better defense. That's what it all comes down to. Our shot selections was poor in the beginning of the game and we eventually got going and figured out how to play together...and after that, we've got to make a stand — 103 points, I'll take that every game. If we want to average 103 points for the rest of the season then that's great, but we can't give up 116 or 120. We've got to play some defense."




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