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Wade on LeBron and other things he said today at #Heat training camp

Some notes on Dwyane Wade and stuff from Day 3 of the Heat's training camp...

—The morning session was teaching intensive and Dwyane Wade some of the new players need to do a better job of learning on the fly.

—The team took a break for lunch and air mattresses are available for players who don't want to leave the arena during training camp. Tonight's schedule includes some live-ball drills at full speed.

—Wade called Norris Cole "a monster" defensively, and said the next step in his career would be learning "how to be effective as a point guard and as a scoring guard."

"He's got to figure out the perfect way to do that, and it's not always easy for guys," Wade said. "But if he can figure it out, he can be very dangerous for us. But I'm very confident. He's a kid who loves to work, and he wants to be as great as he wants to be. So, I think he'll figure it out."

—Wade on LeBron: "I don't have no cameras in Cleveland. I don't know what's going on on the court."

—Wade had some loud and colorful neon yellow Li-Ning shorts on today. I asked him if they were Jams. Wade didn't know about Jams.

—When will Wade know if this current team is as tough as it needs to be?

"You really don't see the true identity of the team until you start losing. Obviously, individually everyone has a story and has the potential to have an edge and all this great stuff, but to go to The Finals four years in a row you've got to be a tough team mentally, and I thought we were very tough even when we weren't playing our best. So, the jury is still on that for this team."




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