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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Font choice of LeBron's 'Akron' hat a symbolic nod to the Heat


LeBron James enjoyed another successful charity event in Akron, Ohio, last week. His charity work in his hometown has become an annual celebration of the city's children but also a yearly offseason update on all things LeBron. James chatted with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America and said he was "happy right now being in Miami" when asked about his future. James can opt out of his contract after next season but has dropped hints that he wants to re-sign with the Heat.

It's probably the ultimate example of overanalyzing LeBron, but his choice of hat for the charity event struck me as symbolic. The customized hat read "Akron" in the same font used in the Heat's logo. The connection there is obvious for those looking for any evidence of James' state of mind. He feels at home with the Heat.



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