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Barclays Center? LeBron is excited after all


So, it appears LeBron is, after all, excited to be playing at Barclays Center on Wednesday night. While LeBron didn't seem overly enthusiatic about breaking in Brooklyn's new arena on Tuesday morning, he clarified his feelings on Twitter later Tuesday evening.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 6.17.07 PM


The Heat practiced at Georgetown University on Tuesday before departing for New York. During the media-availability session, reporters were looking for a really energetic and exciting response from LeBron James about Wednesday's game against the Nets. New arena! Brooklyn isn't New Jersey! Hooray!

Um, no.

James said he was excited about the atmosphere (only after being prodded for an answer) but added " I'm not losing sleep over it. It's not like yesterday."

The Heat visited the White House on Monday.

As for Barclays Center, which isn't as awe-inspiring as the White House but does feature a really cool oculus, James wasn't very impressed in 2010 and he apparently still isn't now. Go fig. His only concern (if you want to call it that) on Tuesday was getting used to the new arena's backdrop behind the stanchions.

"The basket is 10 feet and I know how to put the ball in the rim, so I'll be alright," James said.




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