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WADE SUSPENDED, MISS PISTONS GAME: Heat Accept, Don't Agree with Suspension ... Ray Allen to Play at Palace


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AUBURN HILLS, Mich. -- Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said the organization accepts Dwyane Wade's one-game suspension for kneeing Charlotte's Ramon Sessions in the groin -- although Miami doesn't agree with it.

Wade attended Miami's shootaround at the Palace on Friday morning but won't be at tonight's game; he hopes to watch the game from the team hotel in Detroit before meeting the team at the airport for the flight to Milwaukee.

Wade's one game suspension was announced by the league on Thursday night.

"That's the way it works,'' Wade said. "I've told you guys; I'm not surprised by anything that happens. I wasn't surprised.''

Both Wade and LeBron James said Wade didn't mean to pop Sessions in the lower regions although by watching the tape there wasn't many other places for Wade's leg to go.

"It was a bang-bang play, one you kind of needed to be there for,'' Wade said. "It was something that was looked at over video review and can be taken any kind of way. .-.-. I'm looking forward to moving on, playing with my team [Saturday] night.''

Said James: "It was a reaction -- from my point of view -- when Ramon ran up on him. I don't think he intentionally meant to kick him in the groin. I don't think you do something like that intentionally and hit him right where you want to. It was a reaction. D-Wade was trying to protect himself.''

Spoelstra said the Heat would release a statement later Friday regarding the organization's stance on the hard fouls the Heat has received of late. Spoelstra said he didn't give the Wade-Sessions play any more thought after it happened.

"We accept it but don't agree'' with the suspension, Spoelstra said. "As an organization we have his back. My focus will be on tonight. But that was a very physical game. A lot of hard hits in that game. What we're getting tired of as an organization are the hits, in particular to Dwyane and LeBron and Chris.

"That is the game plan against us right now and those guys thrive on that kind of gameplan. They are physical players. But there is an excess of physical fouls against our guys.''

-- Mike Miller is expected to be in the starting lineup as he had been in the previous three games Wade has missed this season.

"That's the way it was in the shootaround,'' Spoelstra confirmed.

-- Ray Allen missed Wednesday's game against the Bobcats with a shoulder injury but Spoelstra said he would be back Friday.

"He's going. He went through the shootaround and is feeling better,'' Spoelstra said.

-- Chris Bosh said he is feeling better after having his right eye scratched Christmas Day against the Thunder. Bosh wore a clear contact lens -- he previously had surgery in his eye -- on Wednesday but didn't practice with it on Friday.

"He's seeing 1 1/2 baskets now instead of three,'' Spoelstra joked. "Hopefully that helps.''

Said Bosh: "You can see where my eye is red. It feels a lot better when [the contact] is in. It protects the eye a little. But we'll see how I feel.''

-- With the Heat playing back-to-back games in Detroit and Milwaukee, Wade now gets an extra day of rest with the suspension.

Said Wade: "Why not look at it as a rest day? I'm going to try and get a workout in at the hotel, do the same things I would before a game. But then we have a game tomorrow. It is back-to-back. Hopefully the guys bring a lot of energy.''




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