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What shoes will D-Wade wear in the scrimmage and five other things to watch for tonight

I know it's a burning questions in the back of everyone's mind. What shoes will D-Wade wear tonight?

The suspense is killing us all.

Wade wore his new Li-Nings during Tuesday's practice (I think). I couldn't really get a good look at the shoes while Wade was stretching on the far end of the court. Then he slipped them off and put on flip-flops for his interview session. He wouldn't talk about the new sneakers other than to say he would talk about them later. Gotta build suspense, you know. Wade will present his new kicks to the Chinese in Beijing on Oct. 10. You probably won't be able to find any Li-Nings in the U.S., but there's always the Internet.

I'm betting Wade does not wear his Li-Nings tonight, so if that's your inspiration for heading down to the arena or watching the action on Heat.com ... sorry to disappoint. Wade most likely won't even wear his uniform tonight.

As for the rest of us, here are a few things worth watching out for (Tipoff at 7 p.m.):

1. How does Rashard Lewis move?
I know Lewis isn't getting much attention but he will be a big piece for the Heat if he can give them decent minutes every night. Tonight will be the first time to watch Lewis play at full speed, so we'll see how he stacks up to the Lewis of 2009.

2. How healthy is Ray Allen?
Remember those balance issues Allen had during last season's playoffs? Allen insists that the problem is gone, but his running and jumping on old ankles now.

3. Chris Bosh: Will he sit out with "training camp legs."

4. How long will LeBron James play in the scrimmage? He will not want to go full speed for long. Maybe long enough to get in one good dunk for the fans. In other words, don't be late.

5. Which big will emerge? Josh Harrellson, Mickell Gladness, Jarvis Varnado and Dexter Pittman are battling for what could be just one spot on this year's roster. Who's going to stand out in the first scrimmage?

BONUS: How many points will Norris Cole score tonight? He's the reigning king of the scrimmage. Guess his points total and win pride.


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