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Chris Bosh, the 'Random Guy'

Meet Chris Bosh, Mr. Random.

Bosh held court on Sunday for a few writers and talked about a variety of topics, including his role as the team's center, no longer worrying about bulking up and how he's going to defend the Dwight Howards and Andrew Bynums of the NBA. You can find the meat of the conversation in my story in tomorrow's paper. There was a nice tidbit that didn't make the piece, though.

Bosh is calling himself the team's "Random Guy" based on the fact that he scores his points from random places.

“I’m still getting used to the offense," Bosh said. "I always watching film to see what I should have done and what I could have done. What I can do better. Where my shots can from. Because I’m the random guy. I don’t get any plays called for me, but the public will never know that.”




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