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Things you should read about the champs

Weekend reading before Monday's parade...

LeBron James had to reinvent himself to win the title ... "James’ transformation as a man and his difficult journey to his first NBA championship made Thursday night’s celebration that much sweeter." Miami Herald

Burden finally lifted for Pat Riley, LeBron James and Heat ... "This buys us our freedom," Pat Riley says with a smile. "The things that locked them up? They evaporated tonight. Now we grow. Now we evolve. Now comes the fun. This finally allows these players to be free." Miami Herald

The many different scenes and perspectives from the championship locker room ... "For owner Micky Arison, winning in Dallas in 2006 “was great, but to do it in front of your home fans is the greatest feeling in the world. To get behind three series in a row – this is unbelievable! I thought we were the better team last year, but we weren’t ready.” Miami Herald

Air Force One on the line ... "President Obama said that the team seemed to get stronger in each game of the playoffs, and he complimented the performance of the players and coaches. He asked Spoelstra to tell the team that they are all invited to the White House, and he looks forward to celebrating their NBA championship." Miami Herald

Six years late, Dwyane Wade content with different role ... “I played a different role. I had to,” added Wade, who averaged 22.6 points, 6.0 rebounds, 5.2 assists and 1.2 blocks and shot 43.5 percent in the Finals. “Last season, I felt it was too much questions in our mind, guys looking at each other and not wanting to step on each other’s toes. This year, I know I’m playing with the best player in the world, and that doesn’t take anything away from me at all. I’ve played with a guy who is a Hall of Famer, so I know how to be first, and I know how to be second and whatever else. It was hard for me to do it, and no one will understand, but it was easy for me to do it for this team.” Miami Herald

Thousands greeted Thunder in OKC ... Thousands of fans gathered in an impromptu celebration in a grass field near Will Rogers World Airport on Friday, cheering as players took turns at the microphone thanking them for their support. Associated Press

Dwyane Wade might miss Olympics if he needs knee surgery ... ''I've got to make a decision on what my knee needs and what's best, because my career and finishing my career strong is what's important to me,'' Wade said. ''And I know, yeah, the Olympics are coming up. It's something I really want to do. But at the same time, if I have to make a big decision, if something has to happen surgery-wise, that will have to be a step I have to take. My loyalty and my commitment to Miami Heat basketball is the No. 1 thing.'' Associated Press

LeBron's hard lesson ... YahooSports

Gabby Union said the Miami Zombie victim was the Magic City's biggest Heat fan, or something like that ... "The poor man who was a survivor of the bath salt attack [Ronald Poppo]. When they said, 'Anything you want to say?' He said, 'Let's go Heat!' It's about surviving and living for the next moment. If that man did not personify what that is, nothing will. Real Heat fans. Charles Barkley said we don’t have real Heat fans. Point to that man. We have real Heat fans.” Miami Herald


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