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Will LeBron play for the Cavaliers again?

Fox Sports Ohio and then our friends at ESPN's Heat Index posed an interesting question on Tuesday: Will LeBron James ever play for the Cleveland Cavaliers again?

Not unless LeBron buys the team from Dan Gilbert before he retires. Seriously, did everyone suddenly forget the letter Cavs owner Dan Gilbert penned in the wake of LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami? Even if you think Gilbert felt compelled to do something rash lest he be blamed for letting James get away, that still doesn't mean Gilbert is going to suddenly welcome LeBron back with open arms in two or three years.

Like last season, rumors are once again finding their ways into columns with anonymous sources saying LeBron is unhappy in Miami. Fox Sports Ohio intimated that LeBron is at odds with Pat Riley because LeBron "doesn’t particularly care for the heavy-handed and disciplined style" of Riley. 

Because, you know, LeBron is a child.

I have no reason to believe that James will remain with the Heat for the rest of his career. He can opt out of his contract as early as 2014. I can see him leaving for the Lakers. I cannot see him leaving Miami to return to his hometown.

If it happens, I clearly will have misjudged the people of Cleveland.





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