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EMAILS I GET: Trade Dwyane Wade for Deron Williams

From time to time on the blog, I'll be publishing emails I receive from fans/haters/insane people. Here's the first, which comes from Ryan Gunderson in Newport Beach, Calif. (Obviously, everything written in blue font is written by the author of this blog, Joe Goodman. Everything in black font is an email.)

Hi Joseph:

I'm not from Miami, not a Heat fan, actually from LA area but had an interesting (outsiders) perspective on a possibility for the Heat - and it's realistic.

We've all heard the talk about how [LeBron] and Dwayne get along great but their games don't mesh and there's the "alpha dog" questions, etc. Miami's numbers are far more impressive when Wade is out this season.

Here's an interesting thought:

If you're NJ and Miami calls you up and says we'll give you Dwayne Wade for [Deron] Williams do you take that deal? If you're NJ, you'd have a top 10 Superstar you who you recruited two summers ago signed for another 4 plus more years alongside Brook Lopez and a bunch of cap room in your new building.

If you're Miami, Williams is perfect. He knows he's on the same field as Bosh - not Lebron, he's a top 3 guy at his position and his game and Lebron's do mesh (he can shoot well from 3 as well).

You'd have to think he would sign a contract extension in Miami and I'm guessing as a team USA guy he'd love playing with Bosh and James. Also, he's 26, not 30.  Finally, he's far more a distributor than Wade which is big for two reasons: a) when you have so many "so so" reserves you need to get them as many open shots as possible (one reason I think the Lakers could use him). He and Lebron both provide that. b) Again, he's more willing to let Lebron be to the go-to scorer, Bosh would be number 2, and he would be a very good 3rd option as far as scoring. Wade is so tremendous but this solution is a plausible way for the Heat to keep a big 3 intact but have it fit a little better, if your NJ you will never get better value in return before Williams potentially walks.

-Robert in Newport Beach

Thanks for the email, Robert. The idea of trading Dwyane Wade for anyone feels a little like blasphemy. It'll never happen. Seriously, is there any other player in the NBA more synonymous with a team than D-Wade? Wade County, hello!

While you make a strong argument, I think Dwyane Wade for Deron Williams is a bad idea. To begin with, fans would revolt. 

At this point, the Heat has an obligation to its fans to keep Wade in Miami. Earned trust and fan equity is a hard thing to come by in this town, just ask the Canes, Marlins, Panthers and even the Dolphins to a degree since Stephen Ross became the owner.

Secondly, it's simply not a good deal for the Heat. Wade is a better player than Williams. Plus, if you trade Wade, who the heck is going to shoot the ball in the fourth quarters of the NBA Finals?

Another thought: LeBron James would never "OK" the deal. Anything that big would need James' blessing.

Lastly, while Wade and James are similar, an argument could be made that James is more similar to Williams than he is to Wade. Who's the better passer between James and Wade? James, obviously. If Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole both went down with injuries, who would be the player most suited to playing point guard? Answer: James.





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