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Norris Cole stole the show in the Heat's home opener. 20 points, including the last nine! Where the heck did this kid come from?

"He makes them all time in practice," Dwyane said.

OK. Practice. Fine. Whatever. But against the Celtics in his first home game? Cole-blooded! But lets fast-forward past all the superlatives and get to the good stuff. I asked Norris after the game if he's better suited at coming off the bench right now than starting. (Because, you know, we're all thinking the same thing, 'When is this kid going to send Mario Chalmers back to the bench?') Cole got a little testy that I would even indirectly imply such a thing.

"Yes, I think it does suit me right now," Cole said of his reserve role. "I'm stilling learning, I still can get better and this is what's best for the team."

When asked why Chalmers wasn't in the game at the end, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said, wryly: "Did you watch the last six minutes?"

Spoelstra collected himself:

"It wasn't at all any kind of indictment on Rio. He came back after struggling at the beginning of the third quarter and he did settle down and make some plays. So, that was good to see him show some resolve and some toughness after going through a tough stretch."

So, any thoughts on Cole and Chalmers are welcomed but to add another level to the discussion, does anyone think LeBron should have been taking those shots at the end?



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