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The Dwyane Wade-Tim Tebow connection

Dwyane Wade recently donated his body to science to test the harmful effects of Gatorade. Very heroic. Here's the link to the story: CLICK ME!

I kid, I kid ... I think.

Funny, after reading it, one thing occured to me: The Associated Press is now apparently writing ads for Gatorade disguised as news stories.

In all seriousness, Gatorade is bad for you. Don't drink Gatorade. You know what Wade really drinks after games? Fish oil. No kidding. He downs bottles of the stuff weekly. The Heat's entire locker room smells like the Deerfield Beach pier.

Why is Gatorade bad for you? I don't know, exactly. Something about molecular assassination or your kidneys. I do, however, have anecdotal proof that it falls somewhere in between bathtub gin and lead-based paints in the slow-poison department.

Several former Florida Gators refuse to drink the stuff. I mean, seriously, could you think of a bigger indictment? Mike Miller -- proud Gator -- does not drink Gatorade.

Then there's Mr. Gator himself, Tim Tebow. Tebow did one of these same "scientific tests" (code name for advertising stunts) for Gatorade during the Super Bowl a few years back. He stripped down and put on the breathing tubes and whatever other movie props Gatorade was using to make him look like a lab rat. Anyway, Tebow won't touch Gatorade anymore either.

Seriously, if Wade really wants an edge on the court, he'll donate some of his salary for a center who can score.





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