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A new disposition

As if the Heat hasn't already been labeled an emotionally fragile team, Chris Bosh took that whole concept a step further by admitting that the emotions of Saturday's game got the best of him and affected his performance.

Now, as much as that might really just be Bosh attempting to explain a bad performance -- a poor attempt at that -- the team's mentality certainly has to change for Game 4 if it's going to come back to Miami up 3-1.  Bosh yell

The Heat had Boston on the ropes late in the second quarter and then reverted to coast mode. It didn't help that the starting lineup was the same at the beginning of the third (more on that in a moment), but still, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Bosh needed to seize that moment and put away the Celtics rather than allow them life.

And that was part of the reason Pat Riley was at shootaround this morning speaking individually with both Wade and LeBron (possibly with Bosh as well, but we weren't there in time to see that). Riley was discussing his concern about the team's disposition in Game 3 and how he wanted that to change (by the way, how great is it to be Erik Spoelstra when you can just sit at the scorer's table chatting while one of the legends of the coaching profession is across the court motivating your players for you? That's one of the perks of coaching with this franchise).

Part of what could help that change would be a change in the starting lineup. Wade talked about Spoelstra telling the team that it's essentially a .500 team when it loses first quarters (not sure about the correctness of that stat). And Spoelstra said he's not making any comments about the starters until he speaks pregame. Now, that would appear to indicate that there will be a change, because if there was no change being made, there would be no comments necessary.

So if there's a new starter or two, that could very well help the Heat get off to a better start, which in turn will take some of the "emotion" out of the game that negatively affected Bosh.

If Mario Chalmers, who appeared to be in a conspicuously great mood at shootaround, is the starter, and Rajon Rondo does play, he'll need to make that one-armed man actually work. Not only force him to use his left hand, but attack his left side on offense. Heck, all screens set on Rondo should be on his left side, because that has to be a matchup the team exploits now. That entire fourth quarter, the Heat failed to expose a guy playing with one arm, and chances are that won't happen again.

Any or all of those things happen tonight, and people will no longer be talking about the Heat lacking a "killer instinct."


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