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Trade discussions

Let's get this out of the way. Mike Miller won't be traded unless it's part of a deal for some superstar.

At least that's what Pat Riley essentially told him. Miller said he spoke to the Heat prez about the rumors that he'd be traded, but came out confident he'll be around.

Miller shooting "Coach Riley assured me," Miller said. "We'll see what happens. I expect to be here. Unless they can get Dwight Howard or somebody like that."

Basically, there is no one really out there (at least you'd think, because Deron Williams was a big surprise) that would be a huge get for the Heat that's worth trading Miller.

It's also pretty bad mojo to trade a guy who took a LOT less money to be a part of this team. Same thing with Udonis Haslem, who turned down big money to go to Denver. So it's just bad form to try to trade him to Denver now for a guy like Nene. I know karma doesn't really come into play in trade discussions, but let's just say it's highly doubtful those guys will be moved.

As for the New York and New Jersey huge moves, it doesn't really do much for this Heat season other than make a couple of matchups a lot more intriguing, and difficult.

The Knicks and Nets are set to make some big moves to build a high-quality team over the next couple of seasons, but the additions of Carmelo Anthony and Deron Williams don't come close to making those teams competitors this year.

The Heat should really stress the moves because, frankly, Miami will be able to tinker around its three superstars the next couple years, too.


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