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Twitter nonsense while Heat await Dwyane Wade's return

Much ado about Twitter on Tuesday -- an off day for the Miami Heat -- when LeBron James tried to have a little fun on the social network by playfully giving a shout out to his detractors.

Posted to James' Twitter account on Tuesday: "Today is Hater Day. Everyone please let them get their 2 mins of fame and light! I Love You Haters. Continue to make me proud of u guys! LOL"

See, @KingJames even loves his "haters." The guy has game and perspective. There's nothing wrong with being a hater, of course, and James seems to understand this. There is something wrong -- very wrong -- however, with being a racist buffoon, which fits the description of one person who replied despicably to James' tongue-in-cheek joke.

James took the high road, writing only: "U see world how people feel! Just use it as extra motivation in whatever u do best! No one can stop your dreams from becoming a reality!"

The current dream of the Miami Heat is probably less Twitter and more Dwyane Wade. It appears that Wade might not be fully rejoining his team until after the team's two-game road trip to Atlanta and Tampa.

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