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Action Heating Up

In a span of minutes, several reports have come out about the latest moves regarding the Heat. Some are LeBron-Wade mere speculation. Some are the real deal. Either way, the Heat is prepared to strike quickly regardless of what happens with LeBron.

We try to separate the fact from fiction. 

LEBRON WATCH: The buzz continues to get stronger and stronger that LeBron will announce he's heading to the Heat to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. While ESPN is reporting that some of James' other suitors - New Jersey, New York, Cleveland and Chicago - are conceding defeat, the Heat isn't anywhere near celebrating victory just yet. There's a quiet confidence around the franchise right now - especially after any potential money issues were cleared with news that the salary-cap was about $2 million more than expected. The Heat is holding off on Bosh-Wade press conference for now until they determine whether a third seat at the table is needed for James.

BEASLEY TRADE?: Michael Beasley will have to be moved for this deal to work out with the Heat. There is one report out there that Houston, Miami, Toronto and Charlotte are working on a four-team deal in which Beasley will end up in Charlotte, Chandler will go to Houston, Toronto will get a few spare pieces and the Heat will get the coveted cap relief from Beasley's $5 million contract to clear space for James and others. At the same time, there's news out there that the Heat has offered Mike Miller a five-year contract for about $30 million. So either Wade, Bron and Bosh are serious about each taking less money to get more help. Or there are conflicting reports about the Heat shedding salary cap space while at the same time clogging it up with the offer to Beas All-Star Dunk Miller. You can look at the Miller situation two ways: It's a sign that the Heat is confident in the LeBron deal. Or, Miami knows something else and is ready to move forward with plans to round out the roster should James head elsewhere.

BOSH ARRIVAL: The newest member of the Heat arrived at MIA early Thursday afternoon. Chris Bosh initially said he planned to spend a few more days in Dallas with family and would come early if the Heat needed him. Well, I guess Pat Riley called and asked Bosh to get here. The sooner the Heat can get Bosh in front of its fan base, the better. And Bosh's arrival sort of dispels those rumors that he was headed to Connecticut to be with LeBron for that announcement tonight. Both Bosh and Wade are hopeful that LeBron comes, but they also sound like they're ready to move on to other roster targets to build as strong of a supporting cast as they can before all the goods are off the market.

OPTIONS DWINDLING?: Scratch another potential Heat target off the market now, with center Brendan Haywood agreeing to a six-year, $55 million deal to return to Dallas. Haywood met with the Heat in Charlotte last week and was being recruited to play in the post alongside Bosh, so that Bosh could stay at his desired power forward position. If LeBron comes, the Heat won't have the money to make a serious upgrade at center. But if he doesn't, that means the likes of Brad Miller and - dare we say it - Shaquille O'Neal top the list of available free agent centers at this point. So the Heat would likely shift into a recruiting battle of sorts with New York for point guard Raymond Felton and swingmen such as Miller, Josh Howard, Raja Bell and the like.

HASLEM UPDATE: Forward Udonis Haslem said he's received interest from several teams and is weighing his free agency options, including a possible return to the Heat. Speaking on ESPN's First Take show this morning, Haslem said he's interested to see how things are going to play out for the Heat in this LeBron chase. "I'm really excited for the organization, whether I'm back or not," Haslem said. "The power would definitely shift to the East. Those guys have the chance to put together a dynasty that could last the next seven, eight years."

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