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Poof: Afro-BEAS-iac

Apparently, Michael Beasley is pulling out all the stops to get coach Erik Spoelstra to notice him on the bench in crunch time.

This is what makes Beasley so easy to like. He's simply a care-free dude. Today's blog comes courtesy of Chris Perkins, formerly of the Palm Beach Post, who filled in for me as today's correspondent at practice. Perk had a great story to tell after bumping into Beas (who doesn't?).

The following is Perkins on Beasley. Beas-Fro

There’s never a dull moment when Michael Beasley is around, and Monday’s practice provided the most recent example. Beasley, the colorful second-year forward, unbraided his hair and wore it in an Afro - a big, ABA-style throwback Afro.

 You can decide for yourself whether it’s a good look. The verdict is in from teammates, however.

 “We’ve said he looks like the character from the ‘Lion King,’ ” center Joel Anthony said, shaking his head.

 Others said he looked like a reject from the 1970s. Still others cracked all Beasley needed to complete his outfit was some shoes with goldfish in the bottom, like Antonio Fargas (the former Huggy Bear on Starsky and Hutch) wore as Fly Guy in the movie, “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka.”

 Beasley took the abuse with a smile.

 By the way, don’t judge the ’fro by the photo. Beasley said he waited until he was on his way to practice Monday morning to unbraid and pick his hair “so when I step in it’ll be fresh. It doesn’t look too good right now.”

Beasley-gamer  It’s only the second time he’s unbraided his hair since he went with braids late last season. True to form, when Beasley was asked if he owned a pick, he had a story.

 “I have seven or eight picks because I lose one, I buy one, and then I find the old one,” he said.

 He said he used to have the pick of all picks _ the black one with the fist (you might have to be a child of the ’60s or ’70s to know that one). But…

 “My dogs chewed it,” he said, “so I don’t have that one right now.”

  There was no real reason for Beasley letting his hair down.

 “I just decided I wanted to be different today,” he said matter-of-factly.

 He was definitely different. The NBA hasn’t seen a ’fro like that since Josh Childress had one a few years ago with the Atlanta Hawks. And it was a questionable look at that time.

 Regardless, Beasley forges ahead. He said he might even keep the ’fro for Tuesday’s game against Washington.

 “I haven’t decided yet,” he said, seeming to send a test balloon across media waters.

 The Heat player with the longest hair, forward Udonis Haslem, doubts he’d ever wear his hair in an Afro.

 “It’d probably cover my eyes,” Haslem said. “I wouldn’t be able to play.”

 But there is one advantage to Beasley’s Afro - height.

 Asked what the Heat would have to list him if he kept the ’fro for the Washington game, Beasley replied, “About 7-1.”

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