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Tinsley and Boozer


Tinsley In light of speculation that Indiana could decide to buyout point guard Jamaal Tinsley if the Pacers do not find a trade suitor, president Larry Bird said he does not foresee the team going that route. Bird indicated that would be the case for Tinsley and forward Shawne Williams, both who have had several off-the-court incidents. The Pacers reportedly were rebuffed by the Heat last week, after offering Tinsley for forward Udonis Haslem. Indiana apparently thought it would be a good for both teams as the Pacers need another forward and the Heat has depth at forward but not at point guard.

"We hear this buyout stuff all the time," Bird told an Indianapolis radio station. "I think these guys should earn their money. If you can't trade them, let them stay at home. We're in some situations here where the same people continue to get in trouble. We have to deal with it. We'll deal with it the way we think is appropriate."

It sounds like Indiana will continue to shop Tinsley, and if Bird does not find a taker the team would wait as long as possible to buy him out. The reason? Indiana has no reason to get rid of Tinsley now, especially knowing that he could probably command more on the free-agent market at this point than in a few months when teams have pretty much figured out their rosters.


Boozer Utah forward Carlos Boozer has been linked to the Heat in recent weeks, as he can opt out of the final year of his contract after next season to become a free agent. For right now, the Boozer to the Heat talk is nothing more than chatter. Boozer lives in Miami during the offseason, and if the Heat do not re-sign forward Shawn Marion, would have cap space to pursue the two-time All-Star.

Boozer seemed to indicate to reporters at Team USA Olympic training camp in Las Vegas that he plans to be in Utah with teammate Deron Williams, who just signed a contract extension.

Williams, also on Team USA, said he didn't need to lobby Boozer to stay in Utah long-term during the Beijing Games. "He knows I want him here," Williams told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Boozer's take on his future, according to the Tribune: "(Deron's) going to be smiling for the next four years. And we will, too, because we'll have him on our side."

"We've been talking about our combination...for two years already, so we have our thing lined up."

Pressed for what he meant by "thing lined up," Boozer said: "You guys have to wait and see."

Take these comments with a grain of salt. Remember Boozer caused controversy after the 2003-04 season, when instead of making him a qualifying offer the Cleveland Cavaliers agreed to let him out of his current deal to sign him to a more lucrative contract (worth about $39 million over 6 years).  In swooped the Jazz, which offered him a $70 million deal.   

The Cavs of course felt betrayed by Boozer, because he and his agent had reportedly given their word that he would sign with Cleveland.

"There was no commitment," Boozer said at the time, after signing with Utah. "It's unfortunate how the turn of events went through the media. I'm not a guy that gives my word and takes it away. I think I've made that clear."

I guess you could say that Boozer has left himself some wiggle room by being coy at Team USA Training, but it bears watching what happens in the next year.




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