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Live from NY: Rose, Beasley, Mayo and Bayless

The top prospects spoke to the media this afternoon and the biggest buzz is about who Miami will end up with Thursday night. Michael Beasley, O.J. Mayo and Jerryd Bayless each thinks they could land in Miami, presuming Derrick Rose is taken first by the Bulls.

Rose was quite humble about being taken first and made a point to say he would not be unhappy if he fell No. 2 to Miami.

Beasley is quite a character and seemed relaxed, finding a way to inject his humor into several answers. Predictably he was asked several questions about his supposed maturity and character issues.

The Beasley show:

*While trying to work his way through the media crush to get to his assigned table, he said playfully: "I can't get through. I feel like Moses. Hey, who knocked down my name card?"

*He told a story about how he did not come to Miami prepared for wet weather, and wound up caught in the rain. "My socks got wet!"

*On whether he should grow up: "I'm a kid. I don't want to grow up too fast. I'm not 25."

*On whether needs to change and what he says to people who say he should mature: "Why change? I think they need to smile more."

*One of his close friends is lottery prospect and UCLA forward Kevin Love. They had a funny exchange as Beasley left his media session and Love entered. Beasley inquired about hanging out and asked, "What are you doing tomorrow?" Love responded: "Getting drafted." Beasley also mentioned that he had lost his room key.

Mayo's take: He said that his Heat workout was the most fast-paced and intense of all the individual workouts he did leading up to the draft. He said he got only one water break and did lots of running. Beasley said his Heat workout also involved lots of running. Mayo said he did not realize he was working out with coach Erik Spoelstra because the 37-year-old looked so young. Mayo thought he was a team trainer until a good way through the session.

Mayo said he is very capable of being a point guard in the NBA, but mentioned that if he ends up with the Heat he would probably share ball-handling duties with Dwyane Wade.

Bayless' view: Although he primarily played shooting guard in college, Bayless said he will be a point guard in the NBA. He said he thinks he would fit real well with Wade.




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