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Heat lands Rose ... for the weekend

A day after hearing word out of Derrick Rose's camp that there was little interest in visiting Miami, the Heat will get its look at its preferred target in Thursday's NBA draft. But a face-to-face session in Los Angeles this weekend - Not Miami - might do little to change Rose's view of the draft.

Rose, a remarkable point guard prospect who led the University of Memphis to the National title game, wants to play for his hometown Chicago Bulls, who own the No. 1 pick in the draft. He made that very clear following his two-day workout in Chicago a couple of days ago.

He compared the possibility of being picked first overall by Chicago to the 2003 draft when Cleveland picked Ohio native LeBron James. Rose went as far as to say he would "hate it" if the Bulls bypassed him for Kansas State forward Michael Beasley.

Somehow, that "hate" term was unfairly taken out of context in some circles to mean that he would "hate it" if the Heat drafted him. It was nothing personal. Rose has every right to want to rep his crib. It's no different than the undying love Udonis Haslem has for the 305. And don't think for one second that Wade wouldn't have done all he could to sway the Bulls to draft him if they were in position in '03.

But to suggest Rose's feelings on the matter have little impact on the overall process might be a bit of an overstatement. We can't have it both ways. If Beasley came out this week after his visit to Miami and said he doesn't want to get drafted by the Heat, it would be major news and possibly throw a major monkey wrench into the draft and its aftermath.

It happened in baseball in 1997 when J.D. Drew refused to sign with the Phillies after he was drafted with the second overall pick.

It happened in basketball in 1999, when Steven Francis dropped his head and cried on draft night when he was taken by the Grizzlies with the second pick. He later forced his trade to the Houston Rockets.

And I actually covered Eli Manning in college and vividly recall how the Manning family told the Chargers in 2004 not to draft him. They did anyway and quickly shipped him to New York. The rest is history.

But for some reason, we're quick to dismiss Rose's comments the other way as meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I can't fault Rose for speaking his mind and stating his preference. However, if his camp would have followed through with plans to hold off on visiting with the Heat, it would have been a bit over the top and perceived as a spoiled act.

But the Heat will get its look at Rose for the sake of pre-draft etiquette, only because it holds the second pick. And if the Bulls somehow foolishly pass over this kid, all that was said this past week by the Rose camp would be quickly forgotten when he falls to the Heat.




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