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Make a move

Everyone has their opinions on trade possibilities, both minor and major. I wrote that trade column on Sunday, throwing out the idea of Damon Jones coming back here because he's not exactly thrilled in Cleveland, even with the money he's getting.
But there are other options out there, and I'd like to here some more opinions.

I think everyone assumes Michael Doleac is available (it's actually more than just an assumption on my part), so what about a Doleac for Jim Jackson trade? Jackson is best suited for a playoff team, but maybe not a playoff team that plays like Phoenix anymore. He's older, and the Suns are getting younger and faster. Is he washed up? I doubt it, especially if you're just asking for a few minutes off the bench. Does the Heat need another wing player? I go back and forth with that question. Right now I think the team could use another scorer at the backup shooting guard position, because Gary Payton has had his bad nights shooting from the outside.

The Heat can pick up Flip Murray from Seattle for the trade exception, then use him as that third point guard option. He's more of a scorer than Fitch is and less of a regular point guard, but he could split the actual ball-handling duties with D-Wade when they're on the floor together, or Antoine Walker when they're on the floor together. He might look like he's wearing blinders out there at times while he's playing, but I'm sure you'd feel better having Flip take a shot than Fitch. Flip could also play backup two.

Any other ideas?




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