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Random questions...

-Did Riley not watch tape of last year's game in Phoenix and see that trying to shove the ball inside to Shaq is not the way to go against that team?

-Is it just me, or would anyone else have run every play for Jason Kapono?

-Is Mike D'Antoni the best coach in the league or does he once again (even with Amare Stoudemire) have some of the best talent in the league? More of the former, but plenty of the latter.

-How sick of an athlete is Shawn Marion?

-Would Dwyane Wade and Jason Williams have made a difference against the Suns? I say, obviously, yes, but not enough for the Heat to win.

-Why is Pat Riley all of a sudden saying he "doubts" he'll be back next year? Probably because he's quickly grown tired of the daily grind, but that's not something anyone needs to hear right now.

-If Riley leaves after next season, who outside the organization would he trust to coach his team? Plus, if this team goes deep into the playoffs (that's suddenly a decent-sized if), I think Riley will realize he loves that part of the season and wouldn't give it up so quickly.

-How is James Posey shooting better from three than from two? I can't even remember the last two-point shot he took.

-Can Wayne Simien be doing more for this team right now? I think so, but he's stuck behind a big salary in Walker.




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