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J-Will's Time

Jason Williams picked a bad time to have his second-worst game of the year.  We haven't seen anything like his  2 of 10 against the Lakers since the second game of the season against the Pacers, when he was 1 of 8 and played just 27 minutes.

But given his recent strong play, let's call that Lakers game a hiccup and look at what's coming up for him. This next homestand includes four big games for the point guard.

First he's got Tony Parker and the Spurs. No one has been able to keep Parker in front of them all season, so it's up to the Heat team defense to help out Jason (make Parker shoot a jumper, please). And on the other end, he's got to make Tony work, and he can't be afraid to drive and draw Tim Duncan away from his man.

Then he's got Mike Bibby, who can fill it up, in a game against his first team, the Kings. The last time Jason played against Sacramento, he was inspired, scoring 20 with eight assists.

After that, it's another emotional game against his last team, the Grizzlies, and his former Kings backup, Bobby Jackson. Nobody's going to want to win this game more than Williams. Jason beating Mike Fratello means as much to him as Shaq beating Kobe.

And, finally, it's MVP Steve Nash and the Suns, who just beat the crap out of the Heat 11 days ago. Jason didn't play in Phoenix, but he should be able to get past Nash at will. And given how much attention the Suns pay to Shaq, others will need to create some offense.

Let's see how J-Will responds -- assuming his knee lets him play all four games.




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