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Heat @ Blazers...

... the matchup that sounds like "one big fire hazard." That was a line I read on deadspin.com. Thought it was funny. Learned a few things in this game.

-First, having your starting backcourt on the floor is important. By the end of the year, people are going to have to start talking about Wade and Williams as one of the top backcourts in the league, right? RIght now, national people include J-Kidd and Vince, Tony Parker and Manu, J-Rich and Baron Davis, and Chauncey and Rip Hamilton as the best guard duos in the league. But Wade and J-Will score more than those backcourts except the Pistons (by like a point).

-Shaq is getting annoyed with all these defenders on his back. The Heat learned not to force him the ball when teams front-and-back him without the ball, so when Shaq did get the ball, he forced some shots against double-teams. He normally finds the open guy, but he wasn't about to sit on single-figure points and be happy. Not selfish, just frustrated.

-You won't see much of Gerald Fitch anymore. Even if J-Will misses anymore games, Pat Riley said he'll start using Dwyane at point guard instead of Fitch. Makes sense, 'cause Riley's not too fond of rookies, especially not one running the team. Riley was in Gerald's ear during much of Friday's loss to the Suns.

-James Posey might not like it, but he's pretty much become a spot-up shooter. Even on the fastbreak, Posey is running to the corner because Riley's trying to get the guys to execute efficient fastbreaks and get guys in spots. That's Posey's spot.
It's not necessarily a bad thing. Posey took six shots Sunday, all threes, and hit four of them.

-Antoine's going to play some small forward, which frees up some time at power forward for Wayne Simien, who's solid as rookies come. Walker's pretty much used to the three-spot now, so it should work out. This is just a hunch, but I think Antoine's gonna string together some decent games coming up. We'll see.




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