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July 09, 2024


'Smell of marijuana could knock you off your feet': Police chief fired after office reeks of weed, mayor says

(Thanks to Ron Wylie)


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Always share your weed and pass it forward, Dude.

Oh, come on. Doesn't everybody know it was entirely medicinal?

So even the cops get stressed out dealing with politicians?

Not that I'm defending him, but anything can happen. Totally true story: My previous place of employment was an old office building adjacent to a theater, all built in the 1920s. Lord only knows how the ventilation shafts run. One morning I opened the door to my office area and was darned near knocked off my feet by the reefer stench. Somebody attending the rock concert in the theater the previous evening must have found a hidden alcove to light up and enjoy some wacky tobaccy, and a duct somehow connected between there and my office. It was an enlightening experience, IYKWIM.

Blame it on the 'pits, privates, and beyond' so say the tv commercials for the new deodorant, Mando.

@PS, I'm going to throw a brick at my television next time I see another damn commercial for Mando. Same for the addiction hotline, Generac, Consumer Cellular, gimmicky trash from BulbHead, automobile repair coverage, insurance companies, fast food chains (whoever in Marketing at Burger King, Wendy's, and Chick-fil-A who thinks their commercials are cute needs to be taken out back and shot), anything asking for $19 per month, and anyone singing and dancing about a prescription drug. Now that I'm riled up, get off my lawn!

Wander2575 - brilliant commentary and verbal emessi - I volunteer to buy you a pallet of brick, offer to hand them to you as you throw them, and then opesn a beer after you have gottne thru the pallet. Now that you have voideed your spleen, time to get warmed up for the political coverage on tv. I suppose after a few months of that you will welcome the fat lady that sings and dances and extolls the virtues of Jiadiance.

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