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June 09, 2024


Here I am waiting my turn to stand on top of the popular "Golden Ball" tourist attraction.

IMG_3788 (1)


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You've certainly got'em!

"It does not belong in this space and time; yet, artistically, it exists.

A rustic-urbane exquisiteness!"

Looks like Dave was almost globesmacked.

Are we certain that is Dave and not just somebodies garden gnome that's been taken hostage? I expect to see a ransom note turning up soon.

Google found that it is in Salzburg, Austria.

Alas, the interior does not contain a gift shop.

I dunno, Dave. Looks like that guy on top has been there awhile. He's all sunburned and stiff.

At least it's not blue! 🔵🔵

If you view one picture of the popular "Golden Ball" tourist attraction...

A Salzburg circle jerk?

They can have their silly golden ball. We have Wall Drug.

Dave is bringing the world together with his global outreach...

The popular "Golden Ball" tourist attraction question begs the question:

Well, it's not really a question but, "if it were a question, how long would *REALLY* would that thing last in the U.S. before it was 'smashed and grabbed'?"

man tom

Detroit's Michigan Central Station closed in '88 and was looted, pillaged, and defaced for 35 years.

Ford Motor Company bought and refurbished it to the tune of nearly $1-billion dollars.

Hopefully this Ford innovation center will be a catalyst in the rebirth of Motown.

Looks like a mirrored disco ball. Dave, are there any photos of you looking like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever?

I see Dave is having a ball on his vacation


Unfortunately there is no such optimism in Los Angeles.

As the city waits for Batman and Robin to become major crime fighters in an effort to save what was once The Capital Of Mexico.

There's a whole generation with a new explanation
People in motion, people in motion

AC/DC said it best:

Well I'm upper-upper class high society
God's gift to ballroom notoriety
And I always fill my ballroom
The event is never small
The social pages say I've got
The biggest balls of all

I've got big balls
I've got big balls
They're such big balls
And they're dirty big balls
And he's got big balls
And she's got big balls
(But we've got the biggest balls of them all)

Looks like somebody dropped that ball in a giant bird cage. Watch out, Dave, that sparkley stuff on the bottom of the ball is not what you might think. With all these great places you are visiting, I think you have enough material for the next book or two.

I rarely do this, as in pretty often, but I am going *TOTALLY* off topic, but seeking the blog's help. Like I really believe any of you know the first thing about anything which follows.

About twenty years ago mrs man tom and I walked into a liquidation house in the area. We had previously stopped by, looked around and purchased some chairs once. The place resembled an indoor garage sale of items purchased from Hotel liquidations. Ok, a lot of junk was available. There were chairs, tables, lamps, mini refrigerators things you might find in a Motel Six or Possibly a Red Roof Inn which had recently closed down due to in-fixable rodent infestation. There were no item from Mar-a-Lago. Some of it was still in good condition.

Ok, so one day we stopped in the liquidation house searching for unclassified documents. No, no we had nothing better to do, so we pulled in to what amounted to a mess of *stuff* with mini refrigerators stacked to the ceiling being billed as one of the featured items for sale. So, we noticed some nice paintings framed in expensive gold colored frames. The painting obviously had been hung on Hotel walls, they had brass engraved name plates with the artist name as well as the name He had given to the painting, plus his brushed on signature. We knew the frames were worth the $30 asking price. We picked out a couple of large paintings with nice looking gold frames and took them to the front desk buried under the stack of mini refrigerators on special that day. Mrs man tom being the diplomat she is negotiated the price down five buck each and we got them for, I believe $25 each. We took them back to our office and hung them side by side next to the back entrance. The painting have hung tere for the past twenty years.

So, last Friday I am sitting at my desk and I notice the brass plates on each of the paintings. Out of curiosity I go over and check the brass plates. The name of the artist and the name he had given to the painting were engraved into the brass plates. Still acting out of curiosity, I go over to my desk and google Scott McDaniel, artist not expecting to find any notion of what his name was doing on my pair of $25 paintings I had bought 20 years ago after digging them out from under a pile of mini refrigerators stacked atop the front desk of some rodent infested liquidation house.

So on my painting, Hey what the *HELL* does this mean?

And this?"

My sister is an amateur artist who has won major contests and sold a couple of hundred of her paintings. We tried to determine if my google search is what may be. Really, we are not entirely sure, but we think the two paintings may well have been done by:

This guy."

If you think you may have known him, like had him in your class in grade school, let me know. If you want to just wish me luck, that's ok.

Update, also off topic if you are keeping score.

We have discovered the paintings are more likely the work of another O. Scott McDaniel shown here."

Says so on my paintings.

You got Gatlinburg beat ... https://galartsy.com/cdn/shop/products/product-image-1209997102.jpg?v=1643975571

Did we ever establish whether the ball in the picture is the right or the left? I mean, I'm making some assumptions here.

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