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June 11, 2024


A brew of ancient coca is Bolivia's buzzy new beer.

(Thanks to EricY)


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"Bolivia’s government is reviving its decades-long push not only to destigmatize the plant and make it legal to export but also to create a global market for coca liquor, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, baking flour, and more."

Conditioning the masses, eh? It'll never replace WD-40 and duct tape.

No Pepsi! Coke!

I guess we all know what coca base buzzy beer leads to.

Banana base cicada martini coolers with a slice of piranha.

To Burt Macklin - I thought the popular thought was that it leads to pineapple pizza?

Say, are you the Burt Macklin that was on The X-Files?

One bottle of this & you're ready to board the Crazy Train

To Pullet Surprise:

- Pineapple pizza? Could be! Also, it leads to a pool table in the town. Well, we've got trouble, my friend!!

- X-Files? You must mean my brother, Kip Hackman.

Mr. Macklin, Sir, - I didn't inadvertently step on some classified land mine with my question to you, did I? I mean there are men in suits standing outside my house and they are talking into their coat sleeves and coat collars like there is some sort of plan to raid my house. And my toaster has gone on the fritz (an old term) and my tv is nothing but snow on the screen. If you could call off your men, that would be appreciated because the neighbors are all standing around in the street, and wait, I hear the sound of a helicopter. I am sorry I asked. It was not intended to probe your connection with any government agency or project. Oh, crap, one of your men just shot my dog.

Mr. Pullet Surprise:
What exactly are you hiding?
Do we have to send in the bomb disposal robots?
The dog made a sudden move with his tail. A well known threat posture.
Exit the house.
Put your right foot in, then out, then shake it all about. Just tell us all you know.

The truth is out there.

I still have some coca tea and coca candy from a trip to Peru a while back. It's legal, because it doesn't contain cocaine (a manufactured product, not a natural one). Coca tea is actually pretty good.

There are at least 11 beneficial alkaloids that have been identified in the stuff. So this should be a beer that's healthy for you, right? Good enough for me!

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