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June 11, 2024


Martha’s Vineyard is about to run out of pot.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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On the plus side, there's still a lot of square grouper off of Cape Cod.


O the Humanity!

They'll always have the intoxicating aroma of dead things washed up on the beach.

On The Vineyard, the news received a blunt reception.

Too bad they shut down Air America...or did they...?

Again ?!

🐔 I Will Survive 🐔

People still call it pot?

What do you do when the pot runs out? Run out after it!

I hear you can cut the pot with dried cicadas? A healthy kick. It's all the buzz.

Wiredog, that reporter is showing his age. The youngsters use that hi-falutin "cannabis" word these days. We used to call it weed, back in olden times. I'm thinking of starting a dispensary, Heirloom Cannabis: How Weed Should Smell.

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