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May 28, 2024


Man who 'ran through Virgin Australia plane naked and knocked over attendant' arrested

(Thanks to pharmaross and Frank)


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In his defense, the fasten seatbelt light was off, it was his first flight and he thought it would be full of virgins.

If he wants to fly naked, he shouldn't be flying Virgin Australia.

Perhaps Jet Blue or Aer Lingus?

"It is unclear how or where the passenger removed his clothes."

Sounds like they were short on words. How does anyone remove their clothing? Buttons are unbuttoned. Zippers are unzipped. Ties are untied.

Better that the attendant was knocked over as opposed to knocked up.

Or that Italian budget airlines 'Tutto Nudo Compagnie Aeree'

So much for the "Bill of Rights."

Police were waiting at Perth Airport when the Virgin Australia flight circled back - and after being detained he was "transferred to hospital for assessment, where he remains".

Since it was Australia, the snakes on the plane scared him clean out of his clothes.

"Jim never has a thirtieth cup of coffee at home."

Imagine if they had had some of that sudden extreme turbulence the airlines have been seeing lately? Dude wakes up in the hospital with no memory, asks "What happened? How did I get here?" Nurse just hands him a newspaper and leaves the room...

^5s to pad and Burt

Snake on a Plane

They have virgins in Australia? Naked? G'dday mate.

I'm sure I read somewhere that unruly passengers are sometimes secured in a seat using duct tape. If he was naked it could've been rather painful removing the tape once they landed. Maybe that's why he was taken to hospital?

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