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May 13, 2024


San Francisco buys vodka shots for homeless alcoholics in taxpayer-funded program

(Thanks to MOTW, who says "I left my liver in San Francisco.")


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I left my liver in San Francisco.

So now the pols will want to move the capitol from Sacramento to San Fran?

What next... silk underwear ?

It's for a good cause. 20 with a B good cause.


Paving the way to help the less fortunate.

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear flowers and a a shot glass in your hair
If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some
really wiped out street people there

$5 million budget ...of taxpayer money... to provide clients with enough alcohol "to meet their addiction needs, but keeping someone at a safe level of intoxication."

They'll drink to that!

VODKA??? Gin is much more flavorful and sophisticated.

Shouldn't that be "Unmanaged Alcohol Program", given who it's going to?

This off topic. No, I mean *REALLY* off topic.

I'm at work waiting for my 1:00 patient to show up and check in. I see she is seated outside the front door waiting for us to open up from lunch.

San Francisco Vodka Shot Beneficiary...

Cinnamon vodka and I'm in.

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