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May 22, 2024


So why exactly are folks in Minnesota, Iowa, and South Dakota putting rolls of Toilet Paper in their refrigerator?

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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But won't that make your arse smell like stale cheese?

Would you assume that your friend needed top do a reality check?

Maybe, but I think that you don't have a proofreader on staff to check your work before you publish.

Does this mean that they're wiping their arses with lemon slices sprinkled with salt and baking soda? (When in doubt pinky out.)

Toilet paper rolls don't absorb odors in bathrooms. Why would they absorb odors in your refrigerator ? I call baloney.

And another thing. When you finally take the TP back to your bathroom and use it, who wants their butt smelling like left over tuna casserole ?

Music to wipe by...

It sounds like they're trying to prove that you CAN actually polish a turd.

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