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May 29, 2024


Naked Bumblebee Transformer Statue Climber Charged for Indecent Exposure

(Thanks to pharmaross and Ralph)


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He's gotta feel that one right in the stinger.

Even if he was wearing a bathing suit, the same charge would apply.

Sure to be outdone by next year's Met Gala red carpet.

Somebody forgot to apply the pixelation blur blob.

Maybe he was trying to highlight the plight of the bumblebee? Just like those actresses who posed naked for some cause....

If you look closely at the picture, and I am sure you have, Hector could use this H2son device before considering any further nude statue climbing.

This is that wrong left turn taken at Albuquerque.

Okay, this guy's name has got a LOT of anagrams.

Hector Melero -->
Creole Mother
Reelect Mr. Oho
Mr Hoe Elector
More to lecher
Recolor theme
Cheer el Motor
Lo Erect Homer
El Romeo Retch

Why is the statue naked?

Naked man should be cautioned that Bumblebees Play With Balls Just For Fun

I use my transformer to charge my battery and I always wear my electrical shorts when I do. That way I don't get charged with indecent exposure. Can you imagine how painful the sunburn will be on his weewee.

Aren't bumblebees always naked?

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