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May 22, 2024


Postal worker caught racing Mustang in USPS van, hitting 105 mph in a 60 mph zone

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)

We had no idea those vans could go that fast. 


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Clearly she has a competitive side. Do not mess with her.

One of the new PO's EVs no doubt.

When it absolutly HAS to be there overnight, our flat rate box has no limit.

The photo is showing the old Grumman Long Life Vehicle. The newest one is 30 years old. According to legend, it will only go about 65 before the driver chickens out due to wind noise and body panels threatening to fly off. They are running some Mercedes vans in my neighborhood. I'm thinking it was one of those.

The deputy had pulled over a USPS mail van for speeding at over 100 mph in a 60 mph zone. A third vehicle involved in the race, an Amazon Prime truck, got away after being clocked at 185 mph when last seen.

A FED EX spokesman was quoted as saying, "our trucks always travel at a snail's pace, so we won't be delivering your package today, tomorrow or in the foreseeable future.

Ohio has a long, storied history in the racing community

Here's what really happened...

Neither rain nor snow nor rednecks trying to beat them to the next stoplight...

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