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May 15, 2024


A pack of orcas dubbed "Gladis" sank another yacht, the latest in a four-year-long string of attacks that's befuddled experts.

(Thanks to Al Barkafski and EricY)


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Gangs of thugs are known to have turf wars to protect their local areas of control, perhaps Gladis is mistaking the boats for another pod and are conducting a surf war.

Young Punk Orcas.

"As orcas grow older, they have to help the pod hunt for food and have less time to play with sailboats."

Wait till they enter their mid-life crisis.

I'm on Team Orca here.

This was orcastrated by the squirrels

Doesn't seem to take much to befuddle experts these days.

Take this, you bastards. That's for Ahab. That's for Starbuck. That's for Queegueg. That's for the Pequod. That's for Ishmael. Ooops, sorry. Hey, call me, Ishmael. Or, text me, Ishmael, ok?

I'm with wiredog.

The Hell's Orcas.

They must be highly orcanized.

Didn't Befuddled Experts open for Barry Manilow at the Pulitzer Prize Awards Ceremony?

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