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May 14, 2024


Do not click here.

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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Vicious Bed Bugs


ED side effect

Yikes! And I thought I was having a bad day.

I did not read the entire article. I picture the scorpion overhead stabbing before kicking the testicle out of it's way, then picking up it's head and quickly currying off. Scorpions scurry quickly with or with out head.

Later on the stand.

"Did you or did you not stab my client in his testicle?"

"Yes, I wasn't thinking clearly, I lost my head."

I'm surprised anybody in Las Vegas was sober enough to feel it.

On the plus side, the hookers won't do that for free.

When I lived in southern Utah I shook out my shoes every morning before putting them on in case something had moved in overnight. Every once in a while I'd get up, go into the bathroom, and see a scorpion waving its claws and stinger at me. So I'd find a different bathroom. But you know, I never had a cricket keep me awake all night by chirping in a corner where I couldn't get at it.

Dad's cat liked to play with the scorpions. He'd bite the stinger off and then bat the scorpion around for a while until he got bored.

Great balls o(n) fire.

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