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May 27, 2024


Have a good one, but please remember why it's called Memorial Day.


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God Bless the U.S.A.

When did they stop calling it Decoration Day?

F.Y.I. re: Decoration Day...

Not a 'political' statement...

This Day of Remembrance first hit home with me in the 8th grade in '72. I vividly remember a classmate breaking down in tears during a class discussion of the merits of the Vietnam War. Her family was notified days earlier of the death of her brother, who had just arrived in Vietnam as an Army draftee. He had graduated from our grade school only 6 years earlier.

The pain all families endure when losing a loved one in the service of our country, and those that carry lifelong scars of battle both physically and mentally, are owed an eternal debt of gratitude. 🙏

War is a racket.

F.Y.I. (2)

I remember reading some decades ago, the Civil War experienced more American casualties than all other wars combined. At the time this struck me as something I had not realized until then and have always remembered reading it.

The figures have changed since I read the info years ago.

Another statistic of proportional note I read at the same time decades ago which I have always remembered.

Korean War 1950-1953 (3 years), 36,516 casualties.
Vietnam War 1965-1973 (8 years), 58,209 casualties.

One other thing I remember reading about decades ago, during the Civil war, at times during war, the rival soldiers would stand in a line merely 100 yards apart from one another and shoot each other down. I have found it impossible to forget about reading something like this.

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