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May 28, 2024


A row has broken out in Mexico after the arm of a mummy in a museum ‘fell off’.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and Ron Wylie)

*Reference here.


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No need to provide the reference for us 'seasoned' commenters.

That's nothing a little chewing gum and baling wire can't fix - no 'arm, no foul.

Still nearly impossible to row a boat with only one arm.


The police had something to go on so they disarmed the perp.

Anyone who didn't get the reference had probably stumbled into the wrong Blog. :P

Not again …..

A Detective was brought in to investigate this armed robbery attempt.

Turns out it was just a fossil arm.

"Mummy, my arm fell off."

"Well, dear, I warned you about that masturbation. And how is your eyesight? Just asking."

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