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May 24, 2024


Bark Air, a new airline for dogs, set to take its first flight

(Thanks to The Perts and Barry Nester)


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And those joining the Mile High Club will be doing it doggy style.

One passenger interviewed while waiting at the gate described their boarding experience with Homeland Security as "rough".

Souonds like it will be a howling good time.

I had to cancel my reservation because that little moron, Timmy, fell in the well again.

How soon before thay allow cats to fly, because who doesn't like a nice in-flight meal?

The inflight meal service received pawsitively good reviews as the entrees were right out of Bone Appetit magazine.

On behalf of Bark Airlines, we welcome you aboard today's flight. We want to make your flying experience the best and ask for your attention for just a few moments.
Who's a good boy? Alright, b1tches, who's a good girl?
That's right - YOU are! ha, ha
Please make sure all squeakies and stuffies are secured in baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. (I'm talking to you, Bruno!) We also ask that your seats and table trays are in their upright position for take-off.
Once we're underway and the Captain has turned off the seatbelt sign, you will be free to walk about the cabin, but for the enjoyment of all passengers, we must insist No Running, No Sniffing, and No Humping. Restrooms and grass patches are located here, here, and here.
Once we reach cruising altitude, our friendly (FRIENDS!) staff will come around with the cart to see who needs a treat or beverage.

Dogs can be toughy. Let's hope the plane doesn't have reclining seats.

Next will be Barf Air, owing to the notion of increasing severe turbulence lately.

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