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May 15, 2024


Are Plants Intelligent? If So, What Does That Mean for Your Salad?

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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Obviously, they're not a amart as they think they are.

(not as smart) Damn tomato tried to suck my s.

If they were intelligent, why would they run for Congress?

Food for thought?

New Jeff Foxworthy show premiering this fall - "are you smarter than a potato?"

If they were all that intelligent, they'd figure out a way to run from us so that they don't end up as salad in the first place.

Feed me, Seymour!

Having intelligence and being sentient are two different things.

So ELP was right when they put out "Brain Salad Surgery"

Watch them rise up and take over the earth under the leadership of Mr Potato Head. And Ms Potato Head. So if a vegetable has a stroke do they refer to it as "He's now just a human."

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