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May 14, 2024


Redbirds to give toilet paper to fans on Friday, May 17

(Thanks to Buck Nekkid)


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Does that team stink that bad?

No word on Preparation H giveaway night.

Guess what hits the fans Friday May 17th?

At least they've learned to give away these items as fans leave the stadium. In the book The Verse by the Side of the Road: The Story of the Burma-Shave Signs, one marketing guy recalled how his crew once gave out sample jars to men attending a wrestling match. The crowd got mad at one of the wrestlers and started throwing jars of product into the ring. Similarly, one of the company founders recalled how he once handed out sample tubes of product to fans entering Ebbets Field for a ballgame. After the umpire made a call unfavorable to the Dodgers, the field became covered with tubes of shaving cream and the game had to be suspended until it was cleaned up.

My all time favorite baseball promotion was Disco Demolition Night with my hometown Tigers vs the Chicago White Sox.

Former Detroit & Chicago Rock DJ Steve Dahl coordinated the festivities...

I was in attendance as a kid, begged my Dad to take me, for two or maybe three promotional 'Bat' nights. I remember a couple of specific things about it:

Dad, "the players look really small from these seats."


I got a Bobby Tolan? Bobby Tolan? Who the *HELL* is Bobby Tolan?

I had a sweetheart of a Mom. She was pretty great. My mom dated a lot of soldiers during WWII. Like here, she is in a WWII era photo.

This is really my mom, the other guy - who the *HELL* is He! I think WWII soldiers held hands A LOT!

That is not my Dad!

The guy looks like Efing Bella Lugosi.

I swear in the pic of my Mom, the guy she is with is wearing her lipstick. Wait, that means...Ef!

My Mom, was Efing blind when she was young.

Well, my mom dropped that guy, I want to believe he nearly *Died* over it, and found my Dad. My Dad had a lot more class than that Efing Joker. My Dad oozed, yes oozed, with class compared with that *Date* of hers. This is my Dad oozing with class while serving with The First Marine Division in Korea.

Yes, Dad, That's him. The Dad I came to know.

As you look at the picture of my Dad, well you can probably tell, He was ambidextrous. That means he could use either hand equally well which would have come in handy had He been there for the Redbird giveaway. They gave away two multi packs.

Disco Demolition Night at Comiskey Park July 12th, 1979...

Speaking of the Chicago White sox, John was my friend and shortstop in high school. He called me from Oakland several years ago to say 'Hi'. He was sitting in a stadium scouting a game.

Quote from the article:

'Kazanas received the 2014 Roland Hemond Award in honor of his heroism and selfless acts on behalf of others. Earlier this year, he was traveling through the state of Arizona on his way to scout the Area Code Baseball Games tryouts when he witnessed a shocking automobile accident on a dangerous stretch of highway referred to as the “white cross highway” – a truck hauling a camper hit a van, sending it rolling multiple times down the highway. Rather than continuing on the road like other motorists, Kazanas stopped to help a woman and her three children out of the van.'

Well, I remember driving John to one our Legion games one summer. I had my '69 Chevelle SS396 rolling over a hundred miles an hour down the highway. John seated in the bucket next to me. I can still see the look on his face. His face had the look of, 'you are crazy and I must be crazy, too.'

I have to say this or I will burst. On an average day, I could play John under the table where baseball was concerned. He was a great guy back then in high school. I have many fond memories.

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