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May 20, 2024


Possible Alligator In Michigan Lake Has Northerners Freaking Out

(Thanks to Dave Vander Ark)


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Come'on now, with all those reptilians in Chicago & Detroit I can't be the first one to spend the summer in Michigan.

That reminds me to order in a floating alligator decoy for the family reunion in Michigan

Possible Alligator opened for Whitesnake

Seems like this opens up a new field of scientific study:

The Possible Alligator
The Likely Python
The secret squirrel (oops, that one is taken)
The supposed feral pig
The damned if that is not Big Foot
The blurry Loch Ness Monster

I thought of one test the puzzled scientists could use: if is a REAL squirrel, just let it go and if it runs directly to a large power transformer and shorts it out, it is a real squirrel.

Alas, my effort to obtain a remote control alligator head to use in nearby lakes was thwarted by my youngest son, who seems to have an aversion to felony causing a public disturbance.

I have always been afraid of meeting one of those when I go for a walk.

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