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May 29, 2024


Is Dad a golfer?

(Thanks to Al Barkfski)


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We're gonna be blowing those dang gophers right out & up of their hidey holes to a hundred feet in the air!

Extremely handy for retrieving lost balls in ponds. Upscale model should come with sonar.

Perfect for the duffer who keeps hitting into those sand traps and water hazards. Polite way of advertising "This is the golf cart for terrible players."

Yeah, but does it go 45 mph and 9 inches of the ground if it’s full of eels?

Flying car for pasture pool game.

Yeah, I'm sure golf course operators are really going to like the fan on this thing blowing sand everywhere when you fly it over a bunker.

I owned a smaller and much cheaper Skat hovercraft for 10 years when I lived on an island and needed to cross thin ice. These things are are pain in the ass — loud, hard to steer, a maintenance headache, and very uncomfortable in bad weather. They have their uses (search and rescue, etc.), but this one is an overpriced rich man's toy made by Neoteric.

Man, I was sold when I saw the $10.00 off coupon. That would only be 74,990 dollars after that.

Do the producers of the James Bond movies know this? Sure, there were hovercraft in "Die Another Day", but what if they remade the golf game from "Goldfinger"?

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