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May 18, 2024


Workers remove dozens of apparent marijuana plants from Wisconsin Capitol tulip garden

(Thanks to Ralph)


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This is why we tiptoe through the tulips.

I heard back in the work from home days the $5 baggies were mostly seeds & stems so somebody tried to make lemonade from lemons on one of those non-remote days?

A high school classmate of mine was cleaning his grass on the school bus one morning. He was sliding the very green cannabis around on a Frisbee to separate the seeds from the leaves & stems. I was not a user but asked him for the seeds.

The principal's office was always hectic in the morning and I managed to plant the seeds undetected among many potted houseplants in the lobby. The school secretaries took pride in caring for the prolific plants and nutured the sprouting seedlings.

The ganja began overtaking the houseplants and was growing vigorously.

Weeks later, a Southgate Michigan Police Officer spotted the pots of herbs growing in the principal's office of Aquinas High School, and it made headlines in the local newspaper.

Our principal, Father Grehl, was not amused.

How can there be 'apparent' marijuana plants? Seems like should be pretty easy to identify by now just on sight. And how stupid are the 'workers' to tell somebody rather than just harvesting the things and make off with them.

Lawrence Welk's saxophone player explains how he found some of the plants flourishing there in his flower pot and what he did and did not like about it.

@pharmaross, thanks for the belly laugh. I really needed that today. \(^.^)/

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