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May 26, 2024


Canadian walking her dog finds more than 40 rotisserie chickens in the woods

(Thanks to B&C, who says "This is unusual; normally, there's about 20.")

*Whatever a "throe" is.


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A pretty reliable sign that the bears in the area of a local Costco have brain worms.

I'm unable to access the article, but remain optimistic the once again battered nation having survived the Blitzkrieg of WWII can weather the onslaught of the unforgiving deep reaching uranium enriched talons of the rotisserie chickens.

Let us cluck....errr, pray.

Probably a bunch of Canadian Rotisserie Chicken Scouts on a camping trip.

Now that is a real Pullet Surprise if I have ever heard one.

The police are bringing in this investigator to determine if any fowl play is involved...

Apparently this is a deadly place for a chicken to cross the road.

The word "throes" comes from the Old English word "thrawen", meaning "I have a good reason to be upset." It is related to the Old English "thrawan," similarly meaning "Get that microphone out of my face." In modern usage, "throes" is a reference to the types of rug that are commonly used to cover up the unsightly spots left by squirrels and other non-house-trained animals (e.g., politicians and your brother-in-law).

Well, somebody screwed up Big Foot's family cook out!

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