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May 22, 2024


The Great Florida Bigfoot Conference is coming to Central Florida

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Still waiting for my RSVP ivitation.

Sign me up!

Sorry, but I'm a "no-show" as summer is my busy season.

Get back to us when they hold it in February.

I don't get what this is all about, but it has to be more interesting than this Summer's upcoming political conventions.

The booth selling that special petroleum jelly that's safe for camera lenses should be raking in the sales.

Even if you can’t prove Bigfoot or the Skunk Ape is real, you can 100% show that you were at the aforementioned event with this exclusive merch only available at the conference.

Note: Clubfoot merchandise pics not available at this time. But talipes, malformation, splayfoot, flatfoot, harefoot, pad, paw, and toe hoodies are available.

If you want to watch one of the best movies ever made (translation: horrible) see SURBURBAN SASQUATCH. Red Letter Media have a review of it. Its tremendous!

Skunks or Skunk Apes???

I'm gonna git me one of them thar varmints!

Absence of a table for the sale of Swamp Story books will represent an opportunity missed.

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