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May 26, 2024


Napoleon’s one-and-a-half inch long penis last known to be in the possession of NJ urologist’s daughter

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It's a lot longer in millemeters.

Napoleon was in my gym class. He had a concave chest and buck teeth, too.

That's what she said.

That's not the appropriate disposition of Napoleon's boner part.

60s Freudian advertising...

Back during Reconstruction, I had a guitar teacher who hated George Thorogood.

Oddly enough, reminds of the time Curly, when asked by Moe to scale a fish, promptly put the fish to his lips and played it like a harmonica.

Hey, Dave - it has been long time since you have had a pause in the blog action to allow us to catch our collective breaths - you know when you post something like:

- I was trimming my toenails and missed several responses to emails.

- Walter's son was hit in the head with a baseball in Little League and we had to use the company car to get him to the hospital so I missed these emails.


Dave opens the bathroom door and says, "Hey, Walter, how come judi did not take care of these emails? What, she doesn't work here any more? When did this happen? I fired her? When? How come nobody told me?

I really am reaching out into the darkness on this, but I would bet some of these 'young' musicians are students of my former teacher, Lee Edward Zimmer.

It's in a flowerpot in her back yard and she forgot to water it.

Always in the last place you'd look.

In his defense, there's a good chance he was on the pool.

And again, I suspect this is not the kind of journalism Alexander Hamilton anticipated when he founded the Post.

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