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May 16, 2024


'Bluey' event goes horribly awry at Las Vegas restaurant

She was not the lovable, furry dog children expected. Instead, she was played by a Dirt Dog worker in a blue onesie with a hoodie pulled over his head. As one disgruntled child put it to KVVU-TV, “He looked, like, unexpected. We could see his beard.”

(Thanks to PirateBoy)


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Ummmm... what does the size of the crowd have to do with the pathetic effort you put into your own event?

"We apologize to the families that miss (sic) out on what we had to offer."

Maybe you could apologize to those who did attend, too.
And maybe you could take some time to learn about verb tense consistency and spelling. (I'm not holding my breath for that.)

Sounds like the whole thing wen KA-BLOOEY!

Wait until Bluey's trademark attorneys weigh in.

Barry event goes wry at Los Altos...

Reminds me of the time someone hired " Tiny Bubbles the Hula Gorilla " to come to my work place and sing happy birthday to me on my 40th. Tiny Bubbles smelled of beer and B.O. A photo of the event does not show me smiling.

to pharmaross: Did you go to the event? Did he close out his presentation by singing Mandy or I Write the Songs? I heard that he was selling CD's in the lobby after the event - one chance to snag an autographed CD.

How exactly was a Dirt Dog worker in a blue onesie with a hoodie pulled over his head named 'Bluey' skipped over as a central character in Swamp Story?

I've heard Chuck E Cheese is available.

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