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April 20, 2024


The cicadas are coming, and some may become ‘flying saltshakers of death’

(Thanks to WYSIWYG)


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Key paragraphs:

"For instance, although the fungus has taken over the lower-third of its body, replacing its abdomen and genitals with fungal tissue, the cicada appears to feel no pain. Instead, infected cicadas seem to want to party.

“There are some hypersexual behaviors,” Kasson said. “The males pretend to be females to get other healthy males to come and attempt to mate with them. And that’s probably a strategy by the fungus to increase the number of individuals that the fungus is able to infect.”

Now THAT'S a frat party I'd want to avoid.

They're gonna need a lot more salad dressing.

Didn't FLYING SALT SHAKERS OF DEATH star Samuel L. Jackson and Nicolas Cage?

If not, it should have.

And the New Orleans restaurant is putting them on the menu.

Fungus Fajitas next on the menu?

Ever wonder what a Cicada sounded like after they made the big time playing to trillions of harmless, baby-carrot-size crazed fans? This.

This was probably one of the big 10. Around Passover, too.

I went to a hyper-party once.

The host was a real fungi.

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