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April 19, 2024


Why do men in Greek statues all have a small penis?

(Thanks to Linda Schutjer)


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It's cold.

Slow news day.

They were all in the pool, so when in Rome, shrinkage was the place to be.

They're all Greeks to me.

I'd fit right in!

No word from what Roman women preferred ... This idea was probably put in place by a ruler with a small penis, because he got tired of telling his wife "It's supposed to be that small!"

Maybe there were no good penis carvers in Greece.

"OK, we're ready for carving the you-know-what. Call in someone from the Penis Guild."

Because they had growers not showers?

Well, it won't be long now.

Maybe its related to the ancient Olympics where athletes competed while naked. Certain events would be a problem for the larger gentleman - for instance the hurdles.

Greek philosophy holds that an accomplished artist should always leave room for the truth to be stretched.

It was the best way to save on stone.

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